Welcome! My name is Quinn Smith, I’m a PhD Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Limnology under Dr. Jake Vander Zanden and Dr. Olaf Jensen.

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Quinnlan Smith

Quinnlan Smith

PhD Student - Freshwater and Marine Sciences

University of Wisconsin - Madison

About Me

I am a fisheries biologist with interests relating to the conservation and management of fish communities, the influence of climate change on the ecology, fisheries, and population dynamics within lake systems, human effects on ecosystems, and water column effects due to changing light conditions. I am currently beginning a Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison examining climate change and the thermal-optical habitat of walleye. My Master’s work focused on sportfish behavioral responses to a coarse woody habitat introduction in northern Wisconsin, a common management option in ecosystems influenced by increased lakeshore residential development. In the past, I have worked on predictive models to help conceptualize future ecological conditions on Lake Superior relating to changing water column light conditions given trends in increased wind over the lake surface and ice cover decline

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  • Fisheries Ecology
  • Fish Behavior
  • Anthropogenic Disturbances
  • M.S. Integrated BioSciences, 2021

    University of Minnesota - Duluth

  • B.S. Biology, 2018

    University of Minnesota - Duluth

  • B.A. Hispanic Studies, 2018

    University of Minnesota - Duluth

Research Experience

University of Wisconsin - Madison
PhD Graduate Studies
May 2022 – Present PIs Dr. Jake Vander Zanden and Dr. Olaf Jensen
Walleye Fisheries in Wisconsin, Bright Spots in a Changing Climate
University of Minnesota - Duluth
M.S. Graduate Studies
May 2018 – May 2021 PIs Dr. Thomas Hrabik and Dr. Greg Sass
Sport Fish Behavioral Responses to a Littoral Coarse Woody Habitat Addition in a North-temperate Lake
University of Minnesota - Duluth
Undergraduate Studies
Sep 2014 – May 2018 PIs Dr. Thomas Hrabik

Projects included:

  • Assessing the Effect of Climate Change on Surface Ice Cover Regarding Siscowet Lake Trout Feeding Habits in Lake Superior
  • Assessing the Effect of Variable Surface Ice Cover Regarding Algal Productivity in Lake Superior
  • Assessing the Effect of Waves on Siscowet Lake Trout Feeding Habits


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(2021). Sport fish home range responses to a littoral coarse woody habitat addition in a north-temperate lake. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 31(454-468).

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(2019). Coarse woody habitat and glacial lake fisheries in the Midwestern United States: knowns, unknowns, and an experiment to advance our knowledge. Lake and Reservoir Management, 35:4(382-395).

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